With iTunes 11, Apple has made some major changes to its popular media player and has faced constant criticism for doing so. One such change that Apple made, is that they did away with Cover Flow –  A 3D interface element that lets users visually flip through snapshots of documents, website bookmarks, photographs and finally album artwork (In iTunes).

Users who are frustrated due to the lack of Cover Flow in iTunes 11 are trying to take matters in their own hand. A group of people led by Christian Theißinger are staging a petition to bring back CoverFlow. Christian had also posted about this on Apple’s support community, but his links to the petition were removed, as they were not in accordance to their terms of service.

For many users including me, Cover Flow was a great way to browse through music. Not only did it look good but it also provided great functionality.

Choosing through the covers was a great option on iTunes (it is my default mode combined with the column-listing) and it’s one of the best ways for Apple to sell “immaterial” music without making regrets for the CD buyers… Bring back CoverFlow to Us, Apple !!! – Allain Lortall, France.

If you will like to support the movement to bring Cover Flow back to iTunes, please go sign to petition here.