Having met with China’s minister for Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, today Apple CEO Tim Cook met China Mobile’s chairman Xi Guohua. This meeting is quite significant as China Mobile is the only significant Chinese carrier, with which the iPhone is not compatible. China Mobile also happens to be the world’s largest mobile phone operator with around 700 million subscribers.


In a statement released to the press, China Mobile states that Tim Cook and Xi Guohua discussed Matters Of Cooperation, but couldn’t give out any further details due to a confidentiality agreement signed between both the parties. Apple has been trying to negotiate terms with China Mobile since May last year, but hasn’t been successful in agreeing over the terms of revenue sharing with the worlds largest carrier.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

This is the second trip of CEO Tim Cook to China is little less than a year. The Apple CEO met the Chinese Minister for Industry and Information Technology on Tuesday, chatting with him about innovation, China’s IT industry and the mobile industry. Yesterday Tim Cook and Phil Schiller were spotted visiting an official Apple reseller in Beijing. Today Tim Cook also gave an in-depth interview to Sina Technology News in which he stated that Apple expects China to soon become their largest market. He also revealed that Apple will be increasing its retail presence in China from the current 11 stores to 25 stores soon.

Here is the machine translated version of the interview:

Cook said that in China will continue to expand the number of outlets will be far more than 25.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10 afternoon news, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) today in Beijing, the Sina Technology exclusive interview to talk about his views on product innovation, market, management style. He said, Apple has never innovation fatigue, China will become Apple’s largest market, was impressed Jobs innovative ideas on the iMac and switched to Apple.

Apple never innovation fatigue

It comes to innovation problem, Cook said, Apple never innovation scarcity. For example, product updates this year for Apple in 2012 was an incredible year, we updated the product of almost all product lines, especially in the past few months from September, we launched the iPhone 5, iPad, mini, iPad 4, Macbook pro and iMac, and many other products, has received positive consumer response “.

To mention future products, Cook said, “I can not talk about the current product roadmap, but can reveal on the research and development of products, and I am very excited. Apple never Innovation scarce, I am satisfied with the current achievements of Apple is the only one integrated software, hardware and services company and proud our outstanding products continue to push up consumer expectations, but we have higher expectations of future products within “.

The rumored Apple TV has been the focus of attention of the outside world, and Cook have laughed cleverly avoided this topic. He said that the Apple TV (Apple TV) last year’s performance is very good, they would often use this product, but this market has not yet reached such a big smart phones and tablet PCs. Apple TV is very interested, but it is not convenient to disclose product roadmaps.

The iPhone competitors already have adopted NFC, wireless charging energy technology. Cook expressed, Apple will assess the maturity of a variety of new technologies, the choice of the most core technology to focus on developing the use of the A-series chip is the best example. He stressed that Apple will not spend a lot of time to deploy a variety of new technology, would not be in the interests of consumers.

China is the largest market

It comes to the Chinese market, Cook said, “China has always been Apple’s most important market, is now our second largest market, I am convinced that in the near future, China will become Apple’s largest market over the past year, Apple has been localized products for the Chinese market. Apple already has 11 stores in the Greater China region, as well as many of our distributors in China, we will continue to expand the number of outlets will be far more than 25 . ”

Cook revealed that he has always been a deep affection. “I come at least 20 times, and I remember the first time was in 1996, when I did not come to Apple. These years, I have witnessed the tremendous changes in China, a country has a huge dynamic. Chinese culture has very deep feelings, my sister-in-law is the Chinese people “.

China has been Apple’s new late-listed countries, Cook expressed, “Personally, I very much hope that China will become the first listing of Apple’s new region, but our products are listed in China prior approval is required, we have been trying to tie approval process, as much as possible to shorten the time to market of the Chinese market and other markets is poor, which has become one of my primary task.

Regarding the launch of the iPhone on China Mobile, Cook said, “Apple has many partners in China have close cooperation with Sina, Youku, Baidu, the past few days, I also paid a visit to China Unicom and other partners for China Mobile I hold a deep respect, but not able to disclose the relevant possibilities for cooperation.

In the past year, Apple prompted Foxconn significantly improve workers’ wages and labor standards. Cook said this, “Apple never for public image and public relations, everything we do is to help the people who produce Apple products Apple has a very strict standard suppliers, the suppliers of any violations guidelines, we will stop cooperation, this is not just Foxconn the other hand, raise wages and improve the working environment is just part of what we do, we believe that education can bring true equality of opportunity, and employees that produce Apple products, we will provide them with variety of learning, training courses, to encourage them to pursue advanced studies. ”

By Steve Jobs to impress

Mentioned Jobs’ management style, Cook said, “Steve Jobs and I are two completely different personalities, management style is certainly different, but we have in common, is to work together with the smartest people. Apples gathering most smart people, a lot of people have different personalities, but we share the same goals and characteristics, that is to build the best products in the world. pursuit of excellence, bold and innovative and ambitious is our culture “.

Mention Apple’s senior vice president responsible for the design, Jonathan Ivey (Jonathan Ive), Cook admirer. He told Sina science and technology, “I respect very much Ivey, working with him for the glory of my life, I have seen the most tasteful, and more unusual is that he was for so many years has maintained a high level”.

Cook also recalled the 1998 Jobs recruitment. Cook just switched to the largest PC manufacturer Compaq, working less than six months, while Apple is a lot of people that already at the brink of bankruptcy. Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer (Michale Dell) even suggested that Apple dissolution. But less than five minutes to talk about with Jobs, Cook decided to leave Compaq switch to Apple.

Cook recalled that Jobs was, and he talked about the company’s vision, refers to a product under development. Jobs said Apple will gather energy to the development of this key product. “At that time, most of the IT companies are still concerned about the servers and other forward-looking and focus on consumer products, Steve Jobs suddenly touched me, I do not like to follow the crowd, so I decided to listen to intuition, followed Jobs to go Apple. Cook pauses to say, “That is the iMac.

Attachment: Cook Interview with text Record

Cook: for Apple in 2012 was a great year, especially in 2012 over the past few months, we can say that we have experienced a great innovation stage, of course, be able to launch so many products with us over the past few months or even years of hard work are closely related.

From the start of September, we update the product line, we launched the iPhone 5 has become the most popular iPhone ever, we also launched the iPad mini, fourth-generation iPad, there is a brand new with retina screen MacBook Pro, the new iPod, including iPod touch, iPod nano, at the same time we also introduced the iBook Author, degree of concern not before the product is so high, but it also gives the ability of our entire department to bring better teaching materials , books and so on.

These products, consumers are able to buy, for example, the new iMac has shipped, and will be shipped in a week after the 27-inch iMac. A few weeks ago, also in China released iPad mini, iPad mini in late January, the cellular data version (3G version) will be shipped. At the same time in December released iPhone. All of these products have been overwhelming consumer response, we are very pleased to see this.

I been to China several times in the past few years, I am most pleased to see the smiling faces of our consumers use Apple products goes satisfaction. Apple’s retail stores and authorized dealers shops I’ve been to see our consumers are so satisfied with our products and I am very pleased.

Our platform also performed very well, iOS system, for example, App Store inside now has over 775,000 variety of applications, and recently, this has been downloaded 40 billion. Entire ecosystem is very powerful, and everyone can find what he needs in the ecosystem which, whether or not he wanted to create some content, study, work, entertainment, everything.

Apple has been innovative OS X and iOS system, spend a lot of time to ensure that the localization of these systems, for example, in 2012, both OS X and iOS system introduced many Chinese characteristics. We will also continue to increase its efforts in these areas to ensure that the appropriate localization function for the Chinese market, China is a very important market for us.The China trip was my first trip in the New Year of 2013, I’ve always liked to China, because China is a vibrant country, even if it is within a very short period of time, there are tremendous changes.

Question: the past few years, Apple has been constantly surprise to consumers, consumers Apple is expected to become increasingly high, but from the iPhone 5 this year, as well as the release of iPad mini surprise we found that consumers do not have high, and that Apple’s next how to do? How can we continue to bring more surprises to consumers?

Cook: usually we do not quite (public) to talk about the future roadmap, but I can say that we are producing some surprise full of excitement. Consumers have been expected that we are able to produce the best products, best practices also promote us and encouraged us every day in Apple’s efforts to achieve the expectations of consumers. It can be said that the Apple is never a lack of creativity, we can also see that we have introduced so much, such a great product. And for me personally, in such a short time, we launched the iPhone 5, iPad mini, fourth-generation iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano, with a retina screen MacBook Pro are in such a short time launch, I am very, very happy, very satisfied.

Apple can say only one perfect collection hardware and software services company, enabling our consumers to get the most satisfactory products, some companies may be better hardware, some software is better, but Apple is the only one hardware such a perfect combination and software company. Indeed, consumers have high expectations of Apple’s products, in fact, Apple has higher expectations of their own, and we will continue to work hard, continue to innovate, do not stop the pace of innovation.

Question: The Chinese market is very important for Apple, but Apple’s new products are always listed in China finally bred the gray market, Apple intends to how to solve this problem?

This is a good question, actually I also very much hope that China and other countries to become the first listed market. The reason why later than other markets, because the long approval time.And we have been trying to improve the situation and to shorten the approval time, but still can not do so in China and other regions listed on the same time, so we will continue to work hard.

Apple paid a lot of effort to build domestic channels, for example, to the authorized dealer, to ensure that they can provide a good experience and services to consumers. Apple retail stores to give consumers the best quality service. Apple wants to be able to reduce or eliminate the gray market, shorten or eliminate the gap between the time-to-market of China and other countries, in order to be better to bring better service for consumers. This has been one of the priorities of the apple. Apple will continue to strengthen cooperation and the Chinese government, China has become the target of one of the countries listed in the first batch of.

Question: I remember you say you are a low-key unknown in the NBC interview, your second visit to China should attach great importance to the Chinese market, this is how to consider? Then there verify you indeed appear in the Beijing subway? Another problem is that the App Store very quickly because this year’s Apple shop, shop in China, now the goal is? Or 25 goals before said it?

Cook: The answer to your first question, that I was a low-key, I think it is quite an accurate description. However, the low-key does not mean that I travel on very little. Fact that I, as the CEO of Apple is the second time to China, the fact before I’ve been to China many times, and I first came to China in 1996 of almost 20 years ago, so has come to China for the first time . Very loving China, because China is full of vitality, full of energy, and a rapidly changing market. And I also love the Chinese culture, my brother-in-law is the Chinese people. So I personally love Chinese culture. From a business perspective, I came to China met with a number of partners, visiting government officials, will also take a look at the excellent local employees. China is now the world’s second-largest market for Apple, I believe that in the future will become Apple’s largest market. I can not accurately predict when, but I will become Apple the world’s largest market convinced. Second problem on the subway, and indeed I and my colleagues yesterday to take the bus back to the office on the way ran into a fruit powder, just as he chatted with the product, very happy to talk, and apple powder also took pictures of everyone may see online.

The third problem is the fact that Apple plans to retail stores opened in China is far greater than the 25 retail stores in Greater China, including in Hong Kong a total of 11 retail outlets, the future will certainly open more than 25 retail shop. This plan to open 25 stores within a certain time, but since we opened its first retail store, found the retail area should be allowed to have said in the past, in order to serve more consumers to provide them with better service. So the number of the future will certainly be over 25.

Of course, the opening of retail stores need some patience, and the need for suitable sites. So, I now existing retail outlets are very satisfied, and will continue their efforts to open more retail stores, but what specific time, what kind of goals, not particularly determined, to disclose. But I learned that the plan must be more than 25. Retail stores in China is crucial, because the retail stores are able to provide customers with the best quality service, and more importantly, be able to develop a gold standard for the products and services.

Questions: The first question about China Mobile, will on the introduction of the iPhone 5 and China Mobile to cooperate? The second question is about Foxconn, Apple before Foxconn to raise workers’ salaries and working conditions, has greatly improved its public image, Apple in this regard is how to consider?

Cook: Apple and the many companies in China have cooperation, for example, operators, Apple and China Unicom, Telecom has a very strong partnership. Local companies like Baidu, Youku, Tencent, and Apple cooperation. In addition, there are a lot of dealers in China. China Mobile is a highly respected company in Apple, but I can not announce any plans.

On the second question, Foxconn, it can be said that Apple did not take any action to do public relations to do to enhance the image. Everything we do is to work for Apple employees enjoy better treatment and working environment, so that this is not related to the image or public relations, but the real concern for Apple employees. A lot of Apple products and services in China and work.

For our suppliers, including Foxconn including, we have very strict regulations and codes of practice, if you say they do not adhere to our principles and codes of practice, we do not and they cooperate to terminate the relationship with their partners. Foxconn suppliers, wages and salaries indeed been growth, which occurred just in the past year, in fact, over the past few years have continued to increase. We care about more than just wages, we hope that the Apple company to have a greater impact in China, not just available to everyone a job only.

For education, for everyone to be able to provide a very equal opportunities for development, regardless of your background, regardless of whether you are from rural or urban areas, no matter from which country, to receive education will be able to give you an equal opportunity for development. So all employees work for Apple, they can be more than some courses, learning in the work which. And we are pleasantly surprised to find that there are many employees will continue to pursue a degree, get a new degree. So all of this is not just wages so simple, of course, very important to raise wages, not just higher wages, this is not the only thing we consider, in my opinion, we offer this educational opportunity is a very good example.

Question: Now there are a lot of technology, for example, NFC, wireless charging these techniques may be the trend of the future. Apple has been an emphasis on technically leading and forward-looking company, how to maintain their own advanced well ahead of Apple in this competitive environment?

The second question is about the management, management and Jobs? You how to deal with the relationship between the executives and Jonathan • Yves?

Cook: For technology, we have been comparing different techniques of its likelihood of success and technical maturity. We will choose the best technology, spend our energy up to do fine, do good, and to elect not to say that a lot of technology, evenly distributed energy, may spend a lot of time, and for consumers to said not to be able to achieve the most satisfactory results. Years before, for example, we believe that in such an excellent product above, it may be most needed under control of the technology is that it is a chip, because it is the core of the entire machine, an engine. So we will have a very strong core team chip manufactured to give consumers the best chip, which in our opinion is the core technology. This is an example that we will focus on a core, the best technology, then it is doing fine, good.

On your second question, I personally Jonathan • Yves much respect for him, it can be said Jonathan • Yves I know one of the most tasteful, and he is one of the few long time to maintain such a high level, so a very great man, with a high level of competence in the industry for a long time, is really amazing. So and Jonathan Ive worked with, but also the honor of my life.

And Mr. Jobs’s management style, in fact, we have a common place, that is willing to hope to work together and the most intelligent people. Of course, Mr. Jobs and I are two different people, personality, style certainly will be different, but a common trait for Apple, they gather together, and that is the pursuit to create the most outstanding products, the best product, which is our common goal. This is why we get up every morning to go to sleep at night, all the time lingering in our mind a target. This is the original aim.

Apple’s culture is the pursuit of excellence bold innovation, ambitious, these cultures are interlinked cultural cohesion with all Apple. Of course, each person’s personality is certainly different, but it is the same as Apple’s culture, the common pool together.

Question: Now there are many users in China reflects the slow Apple cloud services in the country, this problem will not be resolved in the future? Or is to establish a data center in China?

Cook: Apple wants to bring the best products and services to China, like iCloud, iTunes, and now also and government officials to discuss this matter.

Question: Steve Jobs is also explosive temper, is also high standards, have not ever been angry with him?

Cook: have not been angry.

Question: Mr. Jobs was how to convince you came to Apple from Compaq? Did not join us to change the world.

Cook: in early 1998, when Steve Jobs and I said his vision told me about a product, what name did not mention specific, he said, to make all the effort and energy into the manufacture of this product. The prevailing trend is that we focused on the server and storage Jobs trend is to focus on the consumer. I one think this is a very great, very clever idea, because I do not like to follow the crowd, and Steve Jobs This focus also impressed me, so just like he came to Apple. This product is the iMac.

Question: I would like to ask the people most concerned about, how do you look at the TV market?

Cook: We now have Apple TV, and the Apple TV last year’s performance is very good. I often use the Apple TV. Apple Apple TV is more of a personal preference, because it is now the size of the market has not yet reached the scale like a smart phone, tablet or computer. Apple Apple TV is still very interested As for the future of the roadmap is not convenient to disclose.