While the entire world was waking up to a fresh new start in 2013, the folks at Apple woke up to a rather unpleasant surprise – Receiving the news that one of its stores in Paris was robbed at gunpoint. Reportedly, Apple’s store in Paris’ Opera district was robbed, with the masked thugs having stolen products worth more than a million dollars. Here is what the Telegraph has to say:

Reports claimed the thieves, armed with handguns, made off with as much as one million euros (£780,000) worth of products, although police would not confirm the total, noting that the store’s director was still processing the lost inventory. Masked men forced their way into a back entrance around 9pm, three hours after the store closed, as a janitor was leaving. The janitor was “lightly injured” in the process.


Usually robbers target the floor items of the Apple store, along with the displays that are extracted after breaking the signature glass partitions. But, this time the thieves made their way to the stock room, thus getting away with a much bigger loot. According to the reports, about four to five people were involved in the robbery with accomplices waiting in the parked trucks nearby. The thieves loaded the trucks with the stolen merchandise and made away successfully by 9:40 PM, taking just 40 minutes to complete the entire job. The Telegraph further added that:

They prepared their coup pretty well,” said Christophe Crépin, a representative of the French police union Unsa, noting that it was relatively easy to escape, because large boulevards near the store situated just behind the Palais Garnier opera house, led to several different parts of the city. In addition, “since the essential bulk of police forces were mobilised to patrol the Champs-Elysées, the thieves clearly profited from the opportunity to make their move,” Mr Crépin added

According to Paris police, there was no shortage of security in the Opera district that night. They denied the possibility of New Year Celebrations intervening with the regular security on duty. The police expect to find clues from the video of the robbery and solve the case pretty soon.

In his article for The Quartz, Christopher Mims pointed out that by weight, the retail value of an unlocked iPhone 5 is $5.79 a gram, or $7.58 a gram for the fully loaded 64GB version. Compare that to gold, which is currently going for about $53.88 a gram, or cocaine, which in 2010 had a street value in France of $80 a gram. The difference is that Apple stores aren’t nearly as well guarded as bank vaults or the warehouses of international drug cartels.