In less than 3 months since its launch, iPhone 5 has enabled Apple to capture around 26 % of the world’s LTE market share. This feat is even more impressive when you consider the fact that Apple lacked the first movers advantage in this particular market. Apple’s rise in share comes at the cost of Samsung, who saw its market share drop by about 11%.


There has been a sharp rise in LTE usage, thanks to Apple and Samsung devices. Analysts from Strategy Analytics predict that by the end of 2012 there will be around fifty million users compared to nine million that existed at the end of the last year. The research firm also added that Asia appears to be a hotspot of LTE usage.

South Korea’s  Yonhap News Agency stated that Samsung wasn’t the only South Korean LTE smart phone maker to have been affected by Apple’s foray into the 4G LTE market. According to the news agency, LG also suffered a drop of 5.9%, with its market share now standing at 9.1%. The same goes for the Google owned Motorola whose LTE market presence also fell from 15% to a paltry 6.7%.

It is interesting to note that Apple is getting close to leadING the market in which it was hesitant to enter last year. In 2011 when Apple released iPhone 4S without LTE support, it explained that it was still working on LTE technology which did not drain iPhone’s battery. Just over a year later, the Cupertino based tech company is a major player in the LTE market.