If you are like me, you might have faced the issue of of having too many podcasting applications. When I first started listening to podcasts I used the native music application and it synced with iTunes.

Then there was this big wave of all the podcasting applications that changed the way we consumed podcasts. Some of the more notable apps were Downcasts, Instacasts and my personal favorite Pocket Casts.

All of these have pros and cons, some of these apps even have a Mac version, hence allowing you to sync your podcasts, across all your devices. But I didn’t want to go that route. I don’t want to use my limited 5 GB of iCloud storage on all the podcasts that I listen to, and syncing has been proven not to be perfect all the time.

So my next move was downsizing

Instead of having my podcasts available everywhere, I’ve evaluated where I listen to my podcasts the most and I realized that it was on the iPhone. Whether I am in the gym working out, or I am driving on my way to the office, the iPhone is always with me, hence it is the natural choice. And as I chose to downsize, it only seemed natural to limit my podcasts to one device. But on some occasions, when I am at home, and I still want to listen to podcasts, it was awkward wearing headphones in the house. The iPhone’s speakers are simply not cutting it and that got me started on a lookout for a different kind of solution…

Meet Air Server

This application allows me to stream media content from my iPhone, to my Mac the same way you would stream it to the Apple TV. This is especially good for people who don’t have an Apple TV, because for 10$ your laptop or iMac can do the very same thing.

What do you get by doing this?

There are numerous benefits of going the minimalistic way, while handling podcasts, so including them in a list format seems like the way to go. Here goes:

  • No duplicate items (you won’t have the same file across your Mac, iPad and iPhone)
  • You don’t have to think about syncing
  • No wireless data wasted on syncing
  • Your podcasts are always with you
  • You don’t have to wear headphones in the house
  • It’s convenient to press Air Play button on your phone, and continue listening where you left off
  • Less friction and thinking about your podcasts

Your turn

How do you handle your podcasts? Do you see the value in reducing the amount of podcasting applications across your devices with Air Server? Share your thoughts in the comments.