Israeli developer, Liron Bar has released a new app which enables users to keep track of Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza on southern Israel by sending a notification whenever an alert is sounded. Liron Bar. Bar provides constant reports on missile attack warnings, known as Color Red alerts, and rocket strikes in the south on his Facebook page as well.

Application developer Kobi Snir volunteered to develop the free app, which sends a notification (in Hebrew) to iPhone users every time there is an air raid warning of a rocket attack from Gaza. Another volunteer, Yossi Yifrah, provides the updates. This app has offered a solution to rocket attack threats for more than 3 million Israel residents, according to a report.  Depending on their distance from Gaza, residents of the south of Israel have as little as 15 seconds to run for cover from the time of the Color Red alert until a missile lands. Each time a Color Red notification reaches a phone, the app sounds an alert and displays the number of seconds that have passed since the missile warning siren.

The app is in no way a substitute for the official Color Red alerts and air raid warning systems that are sounded in areas under attack.

Get the app here