The CarPlay AfterMarket


You might remember me complaining about the lack of information surrounding the possibility of aftermarket units being compatible with the recently announced CarPlay technology from Apple. Well, things evolved rapidly this week, with two manufacturer’s promising the possibility of having CarPlay in your automobile.… Read the rest


Two Cents: iPhone 6 Renderings Based on Leaked Schematics Highlight Larger Displays


The above renderings have been drawn by designer Ferry Passchier, commissioned by MacRumors. The rendering aims to highlight how the new iPhone 6 design compares to the existing product line. The iPhone 5s is depicted on the left with a 4″ screen, while the iPad mini (7.9″) is on the far right.… Read the rest


Initial Thoughts on MS Office for iPad


Microsoft Office is a software suite that we’ve all used at one point or the other. I personally use Word and Excel daily at my day job. Even though none of the places I’ve worked at have implemented a “BYOD” policy, I’ve always wished that the Office suite was available for the iPad.… Read the rest


The iPhone 5c & the iPod Mini

With Tim Cook having publicly admitted that the iPhone 5c hasn’t done as well as they’d anticipated, Apple’s latest move to introduce a 8GB variant at a lower price, definitely comes across as good news.… Read the rest